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Which online fitness program is best?

With so many competing priorities of work, parenting, home and social commitments, it can feel overwhelming to commit to your own personal health and fitness routine. Making the decision to get started is a fantastic step forward! If you need ultimate flexibility, online training is a great way to get involved when and how it suits your schedule.

What makes a good online program? It really comes down to what style of training you like and what your goals are. The best place to start is with yourself, writing down a list of what you would like to get out of the program and then comparing to the online fitness offerings to see what works best for you.


Key features to consider:


What Equipment you need

Programs can vary between body weight only, all the way up to advanced athletes using sophisticated gym set-ups. Ensure that you are choosing a program that suits your individual needs and requirements that you already have, or that you are prepared to invest in.


What style of fitness provided within the programs

Every fitness trainer has a ‘style’ both in the way they provide you motivation, what their core beliefs and values are as well as the type of exercises they program. If you are looking to improving your running technique, signing up to a power lifting program may not be the best choice to reach your goals. If you have just found out you are pregnant, signing up for a program that is specific to your situation and catering to your current health condition is very important.


How much it costs

It’s important to look past the free / promo trial offer and be aware of what the cost is ongoing after this timeframe ends. Cost shouldn’t be the ultimate deciding factor, but it plays a very important part. You can read more specific details around program costs here: How much do online fitness programs cost?


What the program includes

Check out all the features of the program, are the exercises provided in a written documents, are there videos, demonstrations etc. You may not know exactly what you like until you try it but is important to understand what you are getting. If you are looking for an easy follow along program and you purchase a PDF workout document, chances are you will be disappointed with the outcome…


Meal Plans and eating guides

We all know that nutrition is a fundamental part of our fitness journey. If you are looking for a program that tells you exactly what to eat and even provides a shopping list, make sure you sign up to a program that can provide you with that function.


How long the individual workouts are

If you are strapped for time and can only commit to a half hour workout, be sure that the program you are signing up to can cater to your needs. If the programs allocated are 45-60mins, you will be cutting yourself short and won’t be getting the full benefit of the program or it may not give you the satisfaction of the workout if you are not getting through the entire program.


Program length

Signing up to the 12 week program may sound like a great idea, but if you know that you have a holiday scheduled 6 weeks into the program, chances are you are going to fall of the wagon and not be 100% onboard with your time or dedication. Look for programs that suit your lifestyle and your upcoming calendar of events.


Cancellation Policies

Most online programs have no lock in contracts and you can cancel at any time, but be sure to check over all the small print so you know exactly what you are agreeing to and signing up for. Better to be thorough and take the time to investigate the details than to end up with buyers regret.


Self care components

What am I talking about here? Meditation and mindfulness! Now I know this is something that seems to be talked about more and more, but to be honest it’s still a topic that most of us mums feel a bit ‘yeh, whatever’ about… truth be told, once you start opening your mind and heart up to these concepts you will not look back and you will be so thankful for the opportunities this brings to you.

There is no harm in shopping around and that’s exactly why you are offered a free or discounted trial period. Just make sure that when you do sign up to the promos you make the most of giving the program a good test run and get involved so you can get a sense of if this is the right platform for you! Good luck on your quest and don’t give up on ‘online’ if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for the first time around.