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Sometimes you just have to treat yourself…There’s no doubt that I work hard 😅for my family,for my career,to advocate for things I feel strongly about.And it’s a little confronting to admit that it’s hard to pause…It’s harder to stop doing ‘all the things’ than to keep going!I often feel like I’m sprinting in a marathonAnd I know this is never going to end well 🙃So if you resonate with these words - here is your reminder to take a break.It’s ok to stopIt’s amazing to take a moment to soak in the sunset ☀️Drink fancy champagne 🍾If you don’t stop and celebrate life’s momentsone day you will wake up and wonder what you are working so hard for! 😓Cheers to a beautiful April sunset,a moment of gratitude to myself for all that I do 🙏Go and book something special for yourself- you deserve it!!#sunset #champagne #selfcare #timeout #gratitude #slowdown #moments
Are you ready to bring more people into your team? 🤗What’s the better hire - virtual, remote or local? 🤔Once again I’ve got @kristianlivolsi on the speed dial to ask some quick advice……And as always he’s got the reflections for me of what I should really be focusing on when it comes to expanding the team!Back to the drawing board as I figure out WHO before I jump to the What and the how!Have you ever made a decision in the wrong order and for the wrong reasons?Share with me in the comments below ⬇️#firstwhothenwhat #advice #facetime #ask #helpmegain #teams #growth #businessowner
If you have ever caught one of the hot seat episodes that @kristianlivolsi and I do weekly, you will know that I LOVE giving away all the secrets to business success!Kristian is in Europe for 4 weeks and he has left me in charge 🤗And while the boss is away... the team will play!!I know it's tough out there in business...You need to get more leads, more sales, more MONEY and customers in the door...That's why I'm pulling out all the stops to help you right now!If you are a side hustle entrepreneur or a small business owner that wants more clients through improved marketing and sales skills with:❌ No Complicated Tech❌ No Ad Spend✅ Just a super simple plan to follow that you can do from your mobile phoneTHIS IS YOUR CHANCE to get amazing help and support!This is an absolutely ridiculous offer...Kristian might actually fire me for doing this!! 😱Comment below or send me a DM with I'M IN and I'll send you the details.Do it NOW before Kristian shuts this down...Simone (risking it all for you) Lord.
So what do you do?The standard conversation line for most business owners and entrepreneurs…What’s your response when people ask you this Q?Does it take you 30 seconds to provide your response or are you fumbling words in a jumble?Do people understand who you are and what you sellor are they giving that ‘deer in the headlights’ look? 😳Have you ever been in front of a room of peopleyou know how much you have to offer,but then you freeze and you don’t know how to articulate the words that you practiced in your head 1000 times? 🫠🫣This used to be me a very long time ago…To shy to speak up, lacking clarity in what I did to help people…I was burning inside knowing I had so much to offer….So many ways that I could help and support people!But I was just stuck hanging at the back of the room at networking events and couldn’t make my way to the front of the room!How did I get past this and find my confidence?I got super clear on who I am and what I do.I know exactly why people need me and how I can change their lives.It also helps me in these situations to ‘put on my mum voice’ so I can articulate clearly and loudly so even the people up the back can hear me 😂Do you need help to find your voice?DM with the word ‘clarity’ and I’ll share my secrets with you!#networking #publicspeaking #businessowner #marketing #whatdoyoudo #mumvoice #confidence #clarity
Have you ever had the ‘Best idea ever!’ to create a new business venture?Were you ready to go ‘all in’ without really thinking it through important the details? 🤗🫣I’ve got @kristianlivolsi on speed dial and I’m sharing behind the scenes tips and advice from our calls…Listen in on the gold he dropped on our recent chat about how to turn ideas into a successful business product or service! 📱Have you ever solved world problems over a glass of wine?? 🍷 🤭 share with me in the comments below!#ideas #businessowner #advice #speeddial #callingyou #facetime
Do you ever have those days where you’re just so frustrated with the world?It’s like one thing after the next just keeps smacking you in the face… 🤦🏽‍♀️Life can feel routined, overwhelming, frustrating…!But you know what, it’s all your fault.Your thoughts, your actions, your beliefs create exactly what’s going on for you right now.It’s been a massive few weeks that have definitely not gone my way.I can be stuck in ‘why me, this sucks’ or I can shake it off and know that life is happening for me not to me.I choose to focus on positive outcomes, opportunities ahead and concentrating on the things that make me happy.Yep, I’m the mum on the swing laughing loudly with my crazy boys.Life’s too short to stay stuck.Smile, be happy - even if you don’t truly believe it yet.#mumlife #businessgrind #harddays #choices
@celestebarber you are a legend ☕️🙌After a crazy morning of 3 boys hyped on chocolate + one celebrating a birthday… to say my morning was ‘loud’ is an understatement 🫠😅Then while hiding in my bedroom for a bit of quiet, I saw you arrive in my scroll 🤗Grabbed some of the boys chocolates and hubby and I made this epic cuppa - just what we both needed this morning!! 🤪🤩Happy Easter! 🐰#chocolate #coffee #savemefromthenoise #easter #sodelicious #recommended #eastereggs #milkybar #nestle #morningcuppa
🥚 Good Friday Easter Traditions 🐰Every year we spend time with my grandmother dying eggs to celebrate Easter.I love watching my boys spending time with their grandmother, great grandmother and great aunts as they experience traditional family activities, bonding over stories of the past - memories captured forever!I’m so blessed to share this experience across 4 generations 🙏How do you celebrate Easter?#easter #generations #family #tradition #colouredeggs