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sam wood and his impact on women's health in australia
Sam Wood and his impact on women’s health in Australia
Sam Wood’s Success since The Bachelor Australia 2015

Australia was introduced to Sam Wood, the hunky PT from The Bachelor, eight years ago and since then he has built an impressive empire. Wood started his career with thousands of one-on-one personal training appointments and has since opened a premium fitness facility called The Woodshed and his own kids-only gym Gecko Sports. Last year he sold his fitness program, 28 by Sam Wood, to genetics group myDNA for a massive $71 million. In addition to his impressive professional life, Sam and his wife Snazana (met on The Bachelor) are now a family of seven with a $10 million real estate portfolio and a few luxury cars to their name. All in all, Sam’s certainly come a long way since he first appeared on our screens!

The Benefits of 28 by Sam Wood Fitness Program

App-based product

For the time poor working professional, Sam Wood’s 28-minute online workout is a perfect solution. It’s an app-based product – easy to access and incredibly straightforward to navigate. With no commitment to long lock-in contracts, the program gives users the flexibility to pause or cancel their subscription at any time.

Regular discounts and coupons

Beyond the simplicity of use, the core strength of the program is the variety of challenging and effective workout routines available at the user’s convenience – anytime, anywhere. There are several programs to choose from, including a Yoga Tone and a Foundation program. The team has also put thought into offering regular discounts and coupons, making the program appropriate for people of all budget levels.

Short workouts for busy Australians

Sam Wood’s online sessions are highly effective, short workouts that give users an excellent return on the effort they put in. This makes it the perfect option for busy Australians juggling work and other obligations, yet still looking to stay fit and strong. The accompanying digital content like meal plans, podcasts and lifestyle tips, helps ensure that users get the most from their workouts. The program also includes the option of a 3-day trial of the program and the opportunity to consult with health professionals if desired.


In summary, Sam Wood offers a convenient and intuitive way to keep fit, at any time and from anywhere. With no long-term commitments, regular discounts and coupons, health professionals available, plus digital content to complement the program, users get a rewarding fitness solution on their terms.

The Shortcomings of 28 by Sam Wood Fitness Program

Male – Female Dichotomy

Though Sam Wood is an experienced fitness coach and nutritionist, with a decent knowledge of the female body, there are a number of cons to choosing him as a personal trainer. Firstly, he is a man, and therefore cannot personally relate to and understand the unique biological variations of the female experience. This includes the menstrual cycle and its four distinct phases, as well as the physical and emotional states of pregnancy and post-partum. Growing evidence also suggests that there is a mental load disparity between men and women that cannot be replicated in idealised scenarios.

Not tailored enough

The physical workouts provided by Sam Wood can, at times, be difficult to follow, due to his sometimes grating vocal delivery. Additionally, his nutritional advice does not seem to accommodate for various family structures or serving sizes. Furthermore, the lessons do not extend much further than exercise and nutrition advice, lacking support with mindfulness activities or lifestyle balance. With work, family, and other obligations (which can vary between individuals) to contend with, this makes it difficult to take full advantage of his coaching.

Why a female coach is better for female audience

At the end of the day, though Sam Wood presents a wealth of information and resources, there are a number of cons that should be taken into consideration before committing to this program. This is where tapping into a female coach with personal experience and in-depth knowledge of the women’s physiology and mental load balance would be extremely beneficial. They will truly understand the unique journey of the female experience, providing a more interconnected and supported personal training journey.

Should men be leading a women’s health movement?

Yes, men should absolutely be leading a women’s health movement. Women’s health concerns are not limited to just women’s health, as men’s health is intricately tied to women’s health in various ways.

From exchanging of reproductive and sexual health information, to disease prevention and education, men should be at the forefront of the movement to ensure the health and well-being of all people is taken into account. Men have a unique perspective on the physical, emotional, and psychological issues that many women face, and can work to be supportive and understanding allies in crafting policies and initiatives that reflect the diversity of women’s health needs. Gender-based violence, maternal health, and mental health are just some of the key issues that can benefit from male engagement and leadership. Encouraging men to take part in this movement not only helps women, but ensures that all people understand and value the importance of women’s health.

Why should men NOT be leading a women’s health movement?

While men can certainly support and advocate for a women’s health movement, they should be mindful about leading it. Women have different perspectives and experiences than men that are important to consider in a women’s health movement, and it is important for women to be the ones who frame the discourse around their own health.

Issues such as maternity health, reproductive health, and gender-based violence are deeply tied to gender dynamics and power structures, and having men at the forefront could overshadow the voices of those with a real stake in the conversation.

Furthermore, due to systemic sexism and gender inequality, women often experience health disparities that may be overlooked by men leading the movement. Therefore, it is important to have men supporting this movement while allowing women to take center stage.

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