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online fitness program cost
How much do online fitness programs cost?

There are vast differences in the cost of online exercise programs and it really depends on what you are looking for as to what you will ultimately pay. Ensure that you are choosing a program that ‘feels right’ to you and you will see yourself hitting your fitness goals in no time.


Promotional and trial offers

Promotional and trial offers are a great way to try programs for a fraction of the normal cost – The benefit of this is getting to see all the functions and styles the platform offers so you can feel reassured that you can get in and give it a go… We all love getting a discount right? Just make sure you maximise the benefits within these trials to really see if this is a platform you will use ongoing – set some time to ensure you do the workouts and play around with the other functions within the program.


The trainer

More than just an online program is how you FEEL about the person training you behind the camera, if they offer you the accountability and motivation that you need and want, as well as how all the other complementary factors that are included. There is nothing worse than signing up for something and only to discover you can’t stand the voice of the trainer or their particular ‘motivational catch phrases’ they use… If you know that your interest is going to sway from the annoying twang of ‘You got this girlfriend!’ best to know this info in a trial period rather than once you have paid in full for a program.



We all know this is a massive component on our success in getting healthy, as well as something we seem to push aside as mums and wives, If you are looking for an all inclusive meal plan, make sure this is included into the price of the program. There is nothing worse than realising once you have signed up that the meal plan is an additional feature you need to pay more to access.


Emotional health and mindfulness

As time goes on, I think we are all becoming more aware of the mental health challenges we face in our day to day activities. Finding a program that offers meditation and mindfulness is definitely a bonus that you will be grateful for instead of paying for another app to receive this feature.


How much is an online program?

Programs can cost as little as $1 per day through to $50 per week… Massive difference right?! So how do you navigate the factors of need, want and affordability? Let’s explore some of the reasons and contributing factors to this question…


What do you need from an online platform?

If you haven’t read my blog Which online fitness program is best? Check this one out to help you come up with your ultimate list of program features. Every online program should have a list of all their inclusions, compare these as similarly as you can via their webpages or write it out if you find that an easier way to compare. Be mindful and aware if there are any references to ‘additional costs’ after the initial sign up. Eliminate any of the programs that really don’t meet your wish list. Check out what is left, how much do they cost? Are they comparable in price or are there vast differences?

Once you have this consolidated list, you can start to really make an informed decision on which program you are willing to try. Access any of the promotional trials they have and make your final decision after you have completed the trial periods.


Is the trainer showing up within the community?

One of the driving factors you may find in the price comparison is how much time the trainer is actually ‘showing up’ in the program… are they there to support and guide you? Do you get assistance both with the exercises and tech trouble shooting? If you are looking for a program with lots of accountability tools you are more likely to invest in a program that cost a little more, but at the end of the day if this is what it takes to keep you on track and gets you feeling great and loosing weight, then it is worth every cent in comparison to a program that is cheaper but you don’t use it.

Remember: Your health is not an expense it is an investment into your future! Find a program that motivates and inspires you – even if it costs a little more – if it’s the one you enjoy most, ultimately that is the best choice as you will be more inclined to stick with it and reach your goals!