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Do you need equipment to complete an online fitness program?

Before you commit to an online fitness program It is important that you are aware of what you need to complete it. It can be disappointing and deflating to sign up to something only to find out later that there is an additional list of equipment that you need to buy. Different programs will require varying levels of equipment so it depends on what your goals are ,to what you will need to have in your home set up.


What kind of program are  you looking for?

If you are after a body building / high strength program you may need to have an olympic bar set which would usually comprise of a commercial standard or olympic bar with weight plates. A bench press (with incline is best option) is also a highly likely requirement. A squat / power rack may also be a big plus if you have the room. Dumbbells are a definite! A standing platform or flooring may be a bonus to help increase your gains, protect your floor and minimise sound.

Types of equipment you may need for functional fitness are kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands, skipping rope, slam balls, wall balls, smaller type barbells and weight plates.

Within the current environment more and more of us are utilising home workout programs and there are many of them that are body weight only – there is a huge variety of exercises that can be completed without any equipment at all, don’t underestimate how great of a workout you can have without any equipment – with the right training program you will be able to achieve goals of weight loss and increased muscle tone.


What do you need to complete the FIT 4 LIFE program at Simone Lord?

  • Bodyweight is the main component of our programs, we use a mixture of high intensity and time under tension (slower paced timed exercises) within sessions. It is also recommended to have a set of medium weighted dumbbells. ‘Medium’ weight will mean a different amount for each of us – if your new to exercise, you may find 2-4kgs enough to start off with and if you are more confident using weights you may like to use 5-8kgs dumbbells.
  • A small incline step, chair or lounge could also be used to assist you through some bodyweight movements within the FIT 4 LIFE program.


Here is a list of items you could use to substitute:

  • Dumbbells – milk cartons filled with water or sand, Big drink bottles, even a shopping bag filled with some heavy items could work.
  • Resistance Band – Roll up a gym or kids size towel, the tie from your dressing gown, or even a bungee cord tie down… raid the garage if you have one of these it would work a treat.
  • Adjustable Step – Foot Stool, a small set of stairs in your home, a washing basket – anything that you could comfortably stand on without slipping off or breaking it.
  • Exercise / Yoga Mat – Beach or bath towel, off-cut of carpet or a rug, kids size blanket.
  • Skipping Rope – A piece of rope, again your dressing gown tie, or just mimic the movement ‘rope free’.
  • Gliders / Floor Sliders – paper or plastic plates


There are plenty of ideas you can come up with of things you can use around your home, you just need to get creative! Shops like K-Mart and Big W have a wide variety of fitness equipment that is cost effective. It’s also a great idea to check out Facebook market place, buy / swap / sell pages, Gumtree – or even ask your friends and family if they have any equipment lying around you may be able to use.

Do your research, find out what you need to get started and find a way to kick off your fitness journey as soon as possible.