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Are you ridiculously persistent?Join Kristian and I as we delve into the big questions of business and life!This week, we're spotlighting conversations on being persistent - when should you keep going and when should you stop?Each week I ask Kristian 3 burning questions on an area of business I’d like to shine a light into.Watch the replay of this episode here: #personaldevelopment #people #business #sucess #interview #live #hotseat #leadership #leadershipstyle
VALENTINES DAY - Sharing the client love today…Here is a comment from inside our private facebook group that really found a place in my heart.Business can be a very lonely road, but it doesn’t have to be…How blessed I am to support people in their business journey who are so heart-centred!Have you found your Tribe?#Success #management #leadership #bestadvice #personaldevelopment #business #quote #keepmovingforward #ActionTakers #ExecutionMatters
I used to explain my business like a puzzle…I felt like I had all the pieces I needed, but I had no idea what order they fit into and the bigger picture was nowhere to be seen..I came into business so naive that I was just going to teach people how to live a healthier life, I had no idea about sales, marketing, or lead generation…!The lessons were brutal in those early stages - fortunately I had some good mentors and peer support to help me navigate the way forward.How did you feel when you first started in business?Share with me in the comments below…#localbusiness #print #BNI #tour #behindthescenes
✨ Creating Magic in Sales: The Oprah Winfrey Way ✨Oprah Winfrey, a light of wisdom and inspiration, once shared a powerful insight:"The key to effective sales is not just understanding your product but understanding the dreams and aspirations of your customers. Connect your product to their story, and you create magic."This statement is a game-changer in the world of sales. It shifts the focus from simply selling a product to creating a meaningful connection. 🌟🔍 Understand the Dream: Every customer holds unique dreams and aspirations. When you understand what drives them, you align your product as a key to fulfilling those dreams.💭 Connect Genuinely: It's about more than transactions; it’s about relationships. Connecting your product to your customers' stories is about building trust and offering value that resonates with their lives.Create Magic: When your product becomes a part of a customer's journey towards their goals and dreams, you're not just making a sale; you're creating an experience, a memory, a bit of magic.Let's take a leaf out of Oprah’s book and approach sales with empathy and understanding.Ask yourself, how does your product fit into the narrative of your customers' lives?How can you make their story a little more magical?Share your thoughts on how you connect with your customers’ aspirations!#OprahWinfrey #SalesStrategy #CustomerConnection #CreateMagic #BusinessGrowth
Sunday night rolls around so quick and before you know it, it’s back to Monday…Are you excited for a fresh week? 🤩Or do you dread heading into a grind..! 😏Every day, every moment is a matter of perspective.You can choose to learn, to give, to share and be helpful to others…Or you can choose to feel sorry for yourself, to ask why me, why haven’t I succeeded yet…Either way, it’s a mindset and you are making a choice.Surround yourself with people who can support you and uplift you…Don’t be a victim of your lifeBe a Victor! 🌟If you’re a small business owner who is drowning in the to do lists,wearing all the hats of all the roles…and feel like you have lost the reason WHY, the reason you started in the first place -DM me today, It would be my pleasure to help you find clarity and the path forward…#newweek #smallbusiness #wearingallthehats #purpose #findyourwhy #support #businessowner #businessstruggles
Flashback to our Marketing roadshow in 2023!!What a ride it was across Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney delivering so much value on understanding the fundamentals of marketing, using social media and leveraging the platforms that work best for YOU!Looking for a place where you can learn and grow from FREE content we share?Join us in our facebook group - Business Growth secrets. Click the link below to join: #personaldevelopment #leadership #success #management #support #direction #mentor #businessowner
Do you consider yourself financially literate?This week, we're spotlighting understanding your financial literacyEach week I ask Kristian 3 burning questions on an area of business I’d like to shine a light into.Watch the replay of this episode here: are your biggest insights on subscriptions? Share with me in the comments below#bestadvice #personaldevelopment #people #business #sucess #interview #live #hotseat #leadership #leadershipstyle
Pass me the tissues…My last baby started Kindergarten today!!And while I know you are so ready for school, I will really miss my little sidekick having a cup of tea with me mid-morning and all my love letter post-it notes you draw for me when I’m on zoom meetings and cover the whole wall with them!Go and explore the world my darling… I can’t wait to hear about your adventures.PS: Watch out kindy teachers… he may be extremely cute but he is an absolute firecracker when he gets comfortable!#WorkingMomLife #SchoolHolidays #ParentingTips #BalanceIsKey #firstday #firstdayofschool #lastbabyofftoschool #mumof3 #kindy
Meet Mary-Anne, or as we fondly know her by: MAVMary-Anne started her journey with us in Customer On Demand as she was just stepping into a new career of being a buyers agent.Her comment in our private Facebook group reads:“Thank you Simone Lord, Kristian Livolsi, and Adrian Lea for being such amazing people. For me, the training and the support is second to none. It’s made my journey so much easier having you by my side. Appreciate it very much. Hoping I can help others along this journey as well”Mary-Anne is an absolute rock in our community. She shows up, does the work, gives back to those who need and is absolutely reaping the rewards from her efforts!
To receive messages like this from your community, it honestly fills my cup so much - It’s a true blessing every day that I get to help and support business owners on their journey to reaching their goals.Mary-Anne had already signed 3 new clients by mid-January! Others tell you that ‘it’s the market - bad time of year… etc’Not here at BGM! We give you the tools and support you need right now to get your business moving forward to reaching success.Interested to know more about Customers on Demand and the support we offer our clients?DM me today to see if we are the right fit for your circumstances.#bestadvice #personaldevelopment #leadership #innovation #success #businessowner